Our Mission

Our goal is to provide startups and entrepreneurs with solutions to help them grow, scale, and impact the world, by putting in their products our expertise in software development, fundraising, growth.

Kirill Kopyl

Kirill Kopyl

CEO & Co-Founder

Founder and CEO of a number of companies in management and administration, IT and trading. Graduated professional management, marketing, and business development focused on finance blockchain business and innovative technologies

Alyona Marshavina

Alyona Marshavina

COO & Co-Founder

10+ years of experience in software and mobile development. Solid knowledge in developing and implementing internal processes and guidelines, requirements analysis, budget/scope control, people management, crisis management, business analysis.


We made a pivot from a SaaS event planner startup into a modern digital studio in 2016. We are now growing into a Lead IT contractor-Integrating into a partner’s ecosystem as a complementary solution and providing software and service solutions to meet their product and service needs.

In Main Business Domains:
EduTech & eLearning.

Outsource Software Development

Our employees and subcontractors meet and follow Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud, and Security standards, and certifications. Our goal is to ensure that all key principles for Modern IT are met.
You may choose between on-premises or cloud solutions- we will help you select the right technology and architecture for your organization.


Kiral Solutions provides IT outsourcing services for software development and system implementation. We offer the onboarding of a full development team for your project of 5-10 specialists at any stage of the project within 3 weeks. We get you started with the right team, at the right time. And continue to grow and scale the team with your requirements.

Our software developers use the latest technologies
and tools to bring to life the vision of our customers.
Resources that are up to date on the latest

Blockchain: Solidity, Rust, Haskel, C++, Go
AI: Python, C++
VR/AR: Unity, С#, Go
Back-end: Java, Node.js, Python
Front-end: React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Typescript
Mobile development: Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter


Quality control of all steps of software development: we provide real-time software project monitoring and we reduce the duration of delivery time as well as the number of bugs. Our management always stands behind developers and we make sure that the customer is satisfied with the delivered product. We make sure that our employees and subcontractors will use Enterprise friendly libraries.
Without the usage of GPL (General Public License) that does require source code disclosure or other Virus libraries.

Contracts that protect your intellectual property. Allows you to focus on your idea while securing your rights. Transfer of all rights upon the development is completed and the contract obligations are fulfilled by the parties. A strict non-disclosure policy that protects the privacy of our customers’ projects.